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Revered French label Coperni’s elegant and irreverent take on haute couture is inspired by the everyday lives and clothes of the women surrounding founders Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant. After its auspicious debut under the name Coperni Femme, the label has revamped by both dropping the latter half of its moniker and summoning the spirit of French maisons by emphasizing individual pieces rather than full looks. Turning its back on traditional runway shows, the label has pivoted to innovative cerebral and interactive ideas, perhaps best emblemized by its choose-your-own-adventure social media presence. Aesthetically, Coperni’s understated garments are rooted in a knifelike devotion to immaculately elevated tailoring that yields perfect silhouettes, draping, and asymmetric structures. Precisely-tailored trousers, skirts and dresses connect with women on an emotional level, resulting in season-spanning pieces. Refined wool blazers and open toe sandals are discrete and archetypal of Coperni’s never-monotonous minimalist sensibility.



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