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We are 4 Starlings - a producer of natural cosmetics and also a family company straight from the greenest region in Poland, which is called Podlasie (“a land by the forest”).


As an enterprise we adore our locality, so it can be felt very strongly both in our products and activities. Our goal is to create simple, functional care products based on natural raw materials that, if possible, we source locally. 4 Starlings cosmetics are also universal, mostly vegan, and always friendly to people, animals and the environment. For everyone.



In creating our cosmetics, we aim for minimalist yet effective formulations. We strive to extract the best from natural ingredients, which, if possible, we source locally.


Zero waste

The materials we use to package our cosmetics are chosen with environmental welfare in mind. Therefore, we primarily use paper, glass, and metal cans that can be reused in various ways.



We never forget that cosmetics are not there just to work, but also to be a fun thing to use – we make sure our products check these boxes by featuring unique scents within their formulas (coming from natural essential oil blends) or playing with their texture.



We invest in research, expand our laboratory, and broaden our team of technologists, allowing us to boldly experiment with formulations and adapt to new needs. We enhance classical bases with modern, fresh solutions based on specific research.



Our cosmetics wouldn't be complete without their design. We personally appreciate unique, colorful labels and other elements of our visual identity, knowing that our customers also have a strong attachment to them. We also ensure that the way we present our products is perceived as individual, small works of art.


The offer includes, among others, bestselling soaps, hair shampoo bars, cream deodorants, body oils, butters and scrubs, as well as face products: cleansers, serums, masks and nourishing creams.



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