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On the pristine shores of Switzerland’s Lac Leman, Clinique La Prairie was founded with a single purpose: to offer a path to rejuvenation. Dr Paul Niehans, a brilliant graduate from Zurich University, was convinced that science was the key to unlocking the secrets of eternal youth. After years of research, he made a breakthrough in 1931 at the clinic, developing cellular therapy – with astonishing results.

His approach was as audacious as it was effective. Word began to discreetly spread among the elite echelons of society, drawing artists, royalty and world leaders to the bespoke clinic, which soon became a sanctuary of rejuvenation — a place where time stood still.

That same audacity has characterised La Prairie since its very inception.
Taking inspiration from the clinic, La Prairie created its Exclusive Cellular Complex. Based on the science of cellular therapy, the Exclusive Cellular Complex is a closely held secret that sits at the very heart of La Prairie. In continuing to develop ground-breaking yet sublime formulations using the most precious, sumptuous ingredients – rich caviar, rare platinum and opulent gold – La Prairie has elevated science to an art.

La Prairie continues to pursue this heritage of art, science and pioneering excellence, fusing Swiss precision, scientific innovation, precious ingredients and a subtly conceived, magical experience based on performance. La Prairie’s quest has become a promise – the promise of time.


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